Entertaining With Gourmet Cupcakes

Gathering together with friends and family is a delightful way to spend time. Whether entertaining guests in the home or at the workplace, it must be acknowledged that some of the success of such a gathering depends on the food served. Many are looking for ways to personalize their parties and gatherings, giving great attention to details in decoration and food. Gourmet cupcakes can very well provide just such detail and personalization.

Cupcakes by anniehs, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  anniehs 

Once considered strictly a child’s dessert, cupcakes are gaining popularity in the entertainment world. There are many successful businesses that have turned such child’s play into an epicurean feast. These businesses focus on finding perfect combinations and transforming them into a delightfully small and scrumptious package. These compact desserts are being used to add the finishing touch to the choicest of parties.

For example, one party idea is to plan a menu revolving around one key ingredient, much in the style of some popular television cooking shows. The key ingredient might be a seasonal ingredient that is plentiful and unique. Some suggestions of key ingredients are pumpkin, apple, strawberry, orange, or carrot. Each item on the menu could showcase the key ingredient in a different way and the delicious meal could be crowned with a delectable gourmet cupcake highlighting the very same ingredient.

Another idea is to choose gourmet cupcakes individually based on your guests personal likes. Imagine how surprised and delighted such guests would be to discover that their host knows them and their likes so well. Of course, such a soirée would require much forethought and intimate knowledge of each guest. An additional personal touch would be to have the monogram of each guest gracing the top of their respective cupcakes.

One might choose to use gourmet cupcakes to celebrate a special occasion or event. The cupcakes can be decorated to coordinate with the special event, highlighting which number anniversary is being celebrated, for instance.

What is it about the gourmet cupcake that makes it so desirable? Gourmet cupcakes are the ideal dessert for many reasons. First of all, they are absolutely delicious! The flavor combinations are usually chosen with great care. Second, gourmet cupcakes are the perfect serving size and as long as the host knows how many are coming, he or she need not worry if there will be enough dessert for everyone.

Third, cupcakes are less messy than other desserts. For this reason, they are generally the preferred dessert to serve to children, however, adults are not immune to making messes. Finally, cupcakes are a highly portable dessert. This makes them most convenient for occasions where guests may be moving around and mingling. Also, because of their portability, this makes them easy to deliver or even ship directly to your home or business.

Why not give gourmet cupcakes a try? Those who have tasted and tested them at their parties are soon converted to using them all the time. They are convinced of the truthfulness that good things do come in small packages.